The Key To Our Success

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A business built on trust and transparency.

For 20+ years, Pharmacy Data Solutions (PDS), formerly LTCPCMS, has been driven by the mission to be a trusted and dependable go-between of sensitive information between our clients and pharma. We have excelled in this industry and built a compelling reputation, because we are committed to transparency and serving as an honest broker for our long-term care and hospital clients and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The rebate program is new to the hospital space. PDS was asked to bring this opportunity to hospitals because we do NOT have issues with bad data or misleading information, and we have NEVER had to “claw back” rebate dollars once they have been approved. These are not claims that other firms in our space can make. Our commitment to transparency is what has made this possible. We take great pride in our well-deserved reputation and how it has allowed us to offer our refined services to hospitals in addition to the LTC clients we currently serve.

We look forward to telling you more about it and having the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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